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About The Mead Academy Trust (TMAT)



What is an Academy Trust?

An Academy Trust is a charitable company created to run an academy or group of schools.  It has control over the land and the other assets within The Trust schools. Academies have freedom from Local Authority control, which means they have autonomy over the decisions made and the education they deliver. Funding is governed through a master funding agreement between the Secretary of State and the Academy Trust, and a supplemental agreement between the Secretary of State and each school within the Academy Trust.


What is the Mead Academy Trust (TMAT)?

The Mead Academy Trust (TMAT) is a family of three schools:

  • The Mead Community Primary School, which has sites at Hilperton and Wingfield.
  • Castle Mead School, East Trowbridge, which was opened as a new school provision in September 2014.
  • River Mead School, Melksham, which was newly sponsored by TMAT in September 2014.

These three schools serve their individual communities, whilst being committed to the strong educational philosophy and values held by The Trust.


The Mead Academy Trust aims to:

  • To support our schools to ensure the best outcomes for all our children.
  • To further support the development of exciting, supportive schools where our children love to learn and reach their full potential.
  • To offer a broad, balanced, innovative and creative curriculum.
  • To offer outstanding leadership and promote the development of all our school leaders.
  • To further inspire outstanding teaching through effective mentoring and staff development.
  • To design and facilitate creative and engaging Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • To work collaboratively to enhance professional practice.
  • To facilitate and enable the continuous improvement of our schools.
  • To encourage family and community involement in children’s learning.
  • To create and enhance outside space to support physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • To achieve the best use of our funding through efficient procurement of goods and services.