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Our Schools

There are three Mead schools, working across four sites. Two schools are in Trowbridge, called The Mead Primary School (operating on two sites at Hilperton and Wingfield) and Castle Mead School. One school is in Melksham, and is known as River Mead School.

All the sites work in close partnership with each other, sharing common values, principles and approaches. However, each school has its own personality, community and staffing, including its own Head of School. Mark Stenton is Headteacher at The Mead, Emma Larkham is Headteacher at Castle Mead School and Karen Austin is Headteacher at River Mead.

Our schools work together to serve our shared Trust community of children and their families. Together we provide our children with a rich, creative and challenging primary curriculum. Our teachers work in planning teams Trust-wide and specialist staff and resources are shared.

As Executive Headteacher of The Mead Academy Trust I am proud to work with such vibrant and aspirational schools. We have expectations of excellence in all that we do – seeking a ‘golden thread’ through the many aspects of our work.

The Mead Teaching School is at the heart of our work, and is core to the development and strategic direction of our schools. The key areas of impact for our Teaching School are;

  • Recruitment and retention of staff and capacity building
  • Leadership development
  • Training and development opportunities – enabling pathways of professional development for all staff
  • Enriching children’s experiences, progress and learning
  • Championing research and evidence-based practice
  • Initial teacher education
  • Providing school to school support

We also have a well-established partnership with the Avon Teaching School Alliance and Multi-Academy Trust so that we can provide each other with specialist support and expertise. This means that we both have the capacity to support both primary and secondary schools.

We are outward facing schools, committed to shaping inspirational learning in our schools, and securing best and next practice with and on behalf of children in our Trust and beyond.