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Strategic Priorities

Purposeful Assessment

Focussed on improving and evaluating children’s outcomes: with explicit reference to understanding what the children have learnt and in particular who needs any additional support or practice

Inspirational Curriculum

Shaping enriched and memorable experiences using effective teaching sequences that are purposeful, focussed on learning, and have an end goal in mind, ensuring excellent progress in all subjects 

Effective Teaching

Developing practice and theory together to enhance teachers’ subject knowledge and challenge their understanding of how children learn and how constructive pupil-teacher relationships are developed¬†

Maximising Learning Outcomes

An expectation that all pupils reach a minimum (but high) level of knowledge of the same content with a focus on reducing the attainment gap for disadvantaged learners. Extension for the highest attainers comes through greater depth rather than breadth or acceleration

Courageous Leadership 

Effective leaders with a clearly communicated vision and ethos focussed on shaping inspirational learning, driving excellent teaching and securing high outcomes. This means taking risks and learning from the outcomes; changing approaches if existing or new ones do not work and looking externally to find evidence and best practice to work from. All contribute to, and benefit from, this culture of development

Responsible Growth

Schools working closely together, with a shared ethos, principled leadership, mutual accountability and a genuine team approach. Building collective expertise, aiding transition, and ensuring consistent and inspirational educational experiences