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Free School Application Benefits

  • School facilities becoming an integral part of the new community so that residents enjoy the full benefit of them as community resources
  • Providing a long term commitment to providing highly effective education in the community
  • Some teachers who work across sites, including both the primary and secondary elements, so younger children get access to specialist teaching in subjects like PE, music, art, science and languages
  • Younger children able to routinely use secondary school facilities, such as a sports centre, technology facilities, music rooms and dance and drama studio
  • Older pupils and Sixth Form students will have leadership and mentoring opportunities; to read with younger children, to help run clubs and activities. The younger children will love being nurtured by them and learning from them
  • Addressing common concerns that children may be overwhelmed moving from a small, local primary to a large secondary as they will go up to the secondary school with an established group of friends, familiar with the environment and knowing many of the teachers
  • Strong pastoral care particularly for children with special educational needs; when a child comes in at three or four with a specific educational need, by the time they progress to the secondary phase they will be well known and understood
  • For those children who come in at 11 to join an already established year group difficulties will be overcome with a good buddying system and strong pastoral care to ensure new starters are well integrated
  • A shared ethos and consistent proven approaches across all of the Trust’s schools, as well as continuity and smooth transitions at different stages of a child’s school journey
  • Optimising resources across the group of schools through shared posts and economies of scale