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Inspirational Curriculum

Inspirational Curriculum

We strive to provide an enriched curriculum that engages children in memorable experiences. We aim to connect curriculum areas holistically ensuring learning contexts are authentic, meaningful and provide opportunities for application of skills, investigation and purposeful play.

We know that great teachers can’t be fully effective if that substance, the curriculum meat, isn’t there

Speilman, A. 2017

The early moments of life offer an unparalleled opportunity to build the brains of the children who build the future

unicef, 2017

Principles into practice – our repertoire of strategies to shape inspirational learning


Broaden children’s life experiences
We are passionate about providing irresistible and enriching learning experiences for all children that enable them to participate in literature, drama, music, art, crafts and other cultural events. Learning is enriched by a wide range of educational experiences, including trips, visits and visitors, to engage and cultivate and extend the children’s learning and social capital

Securing character and personal development
Our values based curriculum is designed both to develop character and promote academic excellence. Our vision is that all children across the Trust will develop positive attitudes and behaviours characterised by high self-esteem, independence and responsibility; developing into Global Citizens with the following learning attributes: self-confidence, independence, resilience, co-operation and the ability to work and play collaboratively

‘Less is more’ approach
We understand how children learn and know that what seems central and often difficult to grasp by most learners, is a good place to begin our line of inquiry. Teachers make refined decisions about what is fundamental to grasp of the subject they are teaching and plan sequences of learning to address these key concepts, typical misconceptions, and the most compelling routes / sequences to enable mastery

Igniting interest
When we plan for moments of inspiration; whether through a text, a school trip, or a ‘super starter’ to a learning sequence, we are concerned to draw from the children’s interests and fascinations as it is from this that we get our best ideas. When children are actively involved in the design of their learning their curiosity is instantly launched and they are excited to find out how things, how they can make things happen and how they can make their thoughts visible

Curriculum connections
Children learn best when they are able to make connections between experiences and when the learning contexts are authentic and meaningful for them. We craft a deliberate and considered learning journey by creatively linking curriculum areas through a range of themes, questions, or experiences (often drawn from the children’s interests)

Prepare the children for now and for the future
We hold our curriculum under constant review as we know we need to see beyond what is now to create what might be relevant and possible for the future. We recognise that the curriculum will need to be amended to ensure relevance, coherence, continuity, and challenge. We are concerned to equip children with the skills and attributes that will enable them to meet and face challenges so that they are willing to embrace change, relish the unusual and be thirsty for new experiences

Community engagement 
We recognise the value of a curriculum that is outward-facing, responsive, participative, collaborative and are committed to using the community as both a source of information and expertise as well as a rich resource for investigation and exploration. A real strength of this approach is the opportunity to promote service through explicit and generous-hearted contributions as well as a green and sustainable agenda designed to foster environmental responsibility

Link to the National Curriculum
We recognise that every school must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which: promotes the spiritual, moral cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and of society, and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life. The National Curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge which we utilise to develop into exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of the children’s knowledge, understanding and skills as part of our wider school curriculum

Subject Leaders 
Subject leaders oversee both planning and teaching and are an effective resource for improving teaching. Leaders advocate, understand and measure the impact of their actions on developing subject expertise, the quality of teaching in their subject, and children’s enjoyment, progress and outcomes in their subject. Some learning sequences are planned and undertaken by subject specialists to further improve teaching and help reduce teacher workload

Digital technology
Technology has a clear pedagogical purpose and is used responsibly across the curriculum to improve teaching, and enable children to choose, be creative and challenge themselves. We keep up-to-date with new technology and are clear about what will be used, what training will be required, how it will be embedded and how the impact will be monitored

Meaningful experiences
By linking learning outcomes to real life situations we build stronger connections to the real world and create a sense of purpose for learning. The children understand why they are learning specific skills and are motivated to find answers to authentic puzzles, dilemmas, issues and quandaries through a process of creative thinking and enquiry

Highest standards in all subjects 
Producing learning of quality doesn’t just happen; it has to be planned for in a progressive way with the essential skills unpicked, a comment language for learning modelled, and metacognition developed. Teachers’ understanding of a subject and how children learn that subject is crucial. We ensure that professional development is targeted so that staff have the necessary subject knowledge to best teach and assess across the whole curriculum

Enrichment cycle 
We plan a four year rolling programme of enrichment covering key areas of learning (including: The Arts, Health and Fitness, Science and Technology and Citizenship). We provide a broad range of unique activities, linked to the enrichment theme, culminating in a community enrichment day (for the children and their families), that help to develop children’s global understanding and the personal and social aspects of their development


An inspirational curriculum is characterised by: