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The Mead Trust is inclusive, passionate and principled. Our vision enables individual schools to flourishand retain and celebrate their unique identity and sense of community. Our schools work within an ethos of mutual respect, honesty and humility in which cross Trust support and decisive collaboration are key.

We want to work with schools, staff, parents and governors who are inclusive, passionate and principled. Each and every member of our team, no matter what their role, are committed to providing ‘Inspirational Learning for All’ and we want to grow the number of people within our communities and sphere who share this vision.


Each and every member of our staff team, no matter what their role, is committed to providing ‘Inspirational Learning for All’.  We recognise that every member of staff contributes to the success of our schools, so whether you join our housekeeping, business, estates, teaching or leadership teams you will be equally valued and supported.


We are committed to growing our family of schools in a responsible and sustainable way, and are seeking schools that share our ambition of Inspirational Learning for All. If you would like to join a Trust that is inclusive, passionate and principled, and that enables individual schools to flourish, then we might just be the right fit for you.


The Mead Trust is supported by three levels of governance: Members, Trustees and the schools’ local Academy Advisor Groups. All members of these groups are volunteers and make an invaluable contribution to our children’s education futures. We are always interested to hear from people who would like to support our governance.