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We believe that effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a life skill that will be part of the learner’s future both at work and home. The constant innovations in ICT mean that we are equipping children for a future where technology will be hugely different in both form and application. To that end we strive to embed ICT so that it allows learners to be creative, to work collaboratively and to solve problems.

ICT is embedded into curriculum teaching and learning. We ensure it is taught and applied within the contexts that allow purpose and application. Children are taught to choose and use hardware and software to meet their needs and enhance their learning experience. ICT resources are available for wherever and whenever they are appropriate within any area of the curriculum.


We have worked hard over the years to ensure children and staff have access to good quality resources that are as up to date as we can get. Currently we have:

  • A fast wireless network supplying internet access to all of our schools
  • Interactive whiteboards in every teaching room
  • Laptop trolleys
  • Cases of digital cameras (video and still)
  • A bank of digital audio recorders
  • Lego Robot class kit
  • Selection of control hardware including Flowol, Bee bots and Probots
  • A variety of software that supports skills across the curriculum including word processing, music and art

Information for Parents

and Carers

Here are some useful links for parents and carers to help you keep your children safe online:

NSPCC Online Safety

Think U Know


Social Media

Through the use of blogs and other social media children engage with a real world wide audience. Some of our classrooms tweet about the learning they are doing. 

Staying Safe Online

Children are taught to be safe digital citizens through the use of our learning platform and a comprehensive e-safety curriculum. Preparing our children for a successful and safe online future is a key priority.

Digital Skills

Digital skills such as modelling, control and programming are taught explicitly through the use of hardware and software. The children then apply these skills in a real context through their topic.

Reviewed February 2021