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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Children are encouraged to generate initial ideas by using words, labelled sketches and models. A variety of materials and components are available for children to use.

The children are taught to reflect on their designs as they develop, bearing in mind the way the product will be used. They are encouraged to identify what is working well and what could be improved. In KS2 this is developed with children working on their own or as part of a team thinking about what products will be used for and the needs of the people who use them.


We are lucky enough to have the facilities to grow a range of vegetables within the school grounds. This gives children a wonderful opportunity to experience the cycle of planting and growing to cooking and eating.

Children cook within the classrooms and have the opportunity to prepare healthy lunches and to cook food linked to other curriculum areas or times of the year, sometimes for the wider community who visit the school.

Children cook within the classrooms or the school halls.

Cooking can include the children experiencing the budgeting, cooking and eating in a varied social group, with some parents of the children cooking that week being invited to join us.

The whole experience can involve: The Children walking to a local store to buy ingredients. The children taking a calculator and working to a budget of around £2 per child.

The menu is determined by our hot lunches for the day which gives the children an understanding of what is involved in cooking a lunch for a group of people. Children plan the required ingredients for the recipe and then proceed with preparing the food. The experience includes all aspects of cooking including chopping, slicing, cooking, hygienic practice and sauces.

While the food is cooking, the children prepare everything for the meal by getting enough plates, cups etc. ready. During this time they also have the opportunity to design a menu card and a place mat for their tables. Upon arrival the parents take their guests to their table and proceed to serve them their meal.
Everyone enjoys a lovely relaxed meal with plenty of excited chat about the morning. The general feedback is that all the children and parents value this enrichment.

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