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Home Learning Guidance

We hope you are managing to stay safe and well. We are aware that this is a very challenging time for you and your families. Staff in school and at home have been working hard to try to support you at home with learning and activities you can do with your children. If you are finding our strange new way of living and working difficult and would like someone from school to speak to, please call the office and ask for a message to be passed to the leadership team, or email your relevant school office.

The most important thing we need to emphasise to you all is the need for all of us to follow the government instructions about staying at home and social distancing, in order to save lives. We appreciate the very real problems this raises for family life; however, it is essential that you and your children stay at home and that family members aren’t going out and mixing with others, placing themselves and your family at risk.

Guidance for Home Learning

It has been great to see so many children logging in and engaging with the learning set by their teachers. We have now finished a full week of using SeeSaw and so have been able to reflect on comments from parents, carers and children. With this in mind, we would like to clearly state that we do not expect for parents/carers to “home school” their children. SeeSaw is a resource for you to use, to support you and your child/children with their learning. It should not be seen as an added pressure or expectation. How much you use it is down to what you can manage as a family.

Here are some top tips to guide you through Home Learning over the coming weeks:

  • Log onto SeeSaw with your child in the morning and see what activities have been set. Make a plan for the day, identifying which parts can be done independently and which parts may need your support
  • Go with what works for your family. If you have your own plans with your children, please don’t feel pressured for your child to complete all of the activities. We have no expectations about what children will complete – just want to offer some meaningful learning opportunities if it is helpful to you
  • If you are working from home and time with your children is limited, prioritise reading every day
  • KS2 children should be able to access most of their work independently so expectations for them are greater than younger children
  • If you have more than one child, see if there are any activities they can do together
  • We will continue to provide many activities for you to choose from. NOT ALL ACTIVITIES HAVE TO BE COMPLETED
  • You don’t need to “respond” to all of the activities. Every response has to be approved by staff which also takes time, so it is helpful if you only respond where you need to
  • Remember that it won’t always be your child’s teacher who sets or responds to the work on SeeSaw
  • We are currently working on an upgrade to our SeeSaw platform but until then, in order to maintain manageability of the site, activities will be archived once a week. If there are activities that your children are interested in, please prioritise these as they may not remain on the active page for longer than a week

Our staff are currently working in 3 teams and at any one time staff may be working in school supporting children of critical workers, working at home or having a break. As a result, it may not be your child’s teacher who is posting or responding to work. Try to help us by not asking individual queries of your teacher – the time it is taking to set, approve and respond to work is significant and we need your support to find a manageable way forward if our staff team is depleted due to staff illness in the future.

Please contact homelearning@themead.wilts.sch.uk if you have any questions, however If you don’t understand an activity, please don’t worry. Just leave it and choose another one to focus on instead.

The teachers are working hard to plan a variety of online and off line activities that span the breadth of the curriculum and will continue to do this over the Easter holidays. This is to help keep a routine for some children/families who may need it. If you feel that your children need a break from Seesaw, please do not feel that you have to log in – it is your choice. We will be uploading work for your children to do if they wish, but due to staffing levels please be aware that it may not be approved or responded to over the Easter break.