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A child’s fluency and confidence in the basic number facts is crucial to their success and enjoyment of Maths at school and throughout their lives. Our core principles for teaching Maths in our schools are:

  • Children are taught to master maths, developing fluency without resorting to rote learning
  • Maths No Problem, a method of Singapore Maths where children are given time to wrestle with not knowing and persist in learning to sustain high levels of involvement and understanding
  • Concrete Pictorial Abstract is a key element of the Singapore approach, and is best explained in the video opposite
  • Children’s number facts and fluency are intelligently practised in a variety of ways. From Year 2, children use Times Table Rockstars, which gives them the opportunity to practice their times tables and division facts in a fun and motivating manner

Our Maths teaching ensures that children have an opportunity to practise their number facts daily in a range of engaging ways, including:

  • Songs
  • Online games and activities
  • Paper worksheets
  • Outdoor games
  • Verbal recall
  • Competitions

Our expectations of children’s mathematical skills as they progress from Year 1 to Year 6 can be seen here and you can read the full National Curriculum for Mathematics here.