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Physical Education (PE)

We aim to promote physical development in all of our schools. We recognise and value the importance of developing the whole child; their personal, social and creative skills are taught throughout our Physical Education (P.E.) curriculum.

We believe that pupils should learn the value of healthy exercise, learn about themselves, their capabilities and their potential through an active P.E. curriculum. We provide opportunities for pupils to be imaginative, competitive and face up to different challenges as individuals, groups and teams.

Our ideal is that pupils should reach their full potential as learners, as well as performers, encouraging them to work with and respect others.

We aim for each class to have 10 minutes per day of physical activity (DPA).

P.E.  is taught by a combination of class teachers and P.E. specialists and qualified sports coaches.

We believe every child has an entitlement to P.E. and therefore we cater for a range of different abilities and needs by providing opportunities for every child to be challenged and experience success. We provide opportunities for children who are gifted and talented or who have individual needs. If appropriate, specialised equipment will be provided.

We ensure a breadth and balance in the P.E. curriculum provided through a variety of activities. These include invasion games (e.g. football, basketball, tri-ball, netball) gymnastics, dance, athletics, striking and fielding games (e.g. rounders and cricket) and net games (e.g. tennis, badminton.)  We also do outdoor and adventurous activities.

We see the value in developing children’s personal and social qualities (self-esteem, self-confidence, empathy and positive attitudes) as well as their physical skills through P.E.  Children learn to co-operate and share ideas, work as part of a group and help others. We also focus on basic fundamental movements such as balance, ball skills and agility.

Throughout their time at school the children will develop knowledge of safety factors and an appreciation of the principles of safe practice and understand the contribution and benefits of taking part in physical activities to health and fitness.

Changing for P.E is compulsory on the grounds of health and hygiene. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery is not permitted. We recommend that young children leave earrings at home on P.E days. All children will change in classroom areas and suitable clothing should be worn for all lessons.

P.E. clothes should be kept in a named bag and be available in school all week. Cloakroom space is limited so children should not bring large sports bags to school. Shorts and a t-shirt should be worn for P.E and games. Trainers are required for outdoor games but indoor P.E may be done in bare feet.  For outdoor activities a tracksuit top, sweatshirt, or jumper with navy jogging bottoms and trainers is necessary for use in colder and/or damp weather.

Preferred colours: white, navy or jade tops, shorts and tracksuits.  Please click here to be redirected to our School Uniform website page.


We have well equipped halls with climbing apparatus and gymnastic equipment.

Each school site has a playground with adjoining fields for teaching P.E.

Various after school clubs are run by teachers throughout the year on all sites. These may include: football, and circuit training, dance, rounders, cricket, netball, badminton, tennis, cross-country and tag-rugby. These clubs are free of charge, run by staff and are liable to change termly.

Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and an essential life skill. The government requirement states that all children should be able to swim 25 metres before they move on to secondary school.  Therefore all pupils will be required to attend swimming lessons during KS2.

Children from Y3 upwards attend swimming in their classes for at least one term, at a local swimming pool, led by qualified swimming instructors. A contribution is sought to cover the cost of pool hire, instructors and lifeguards, and coach travel.

Sports Enrichment

As a school we are very proud to be able to participate in sporting events and team game competitions, both within school and further afield. The pleasure, skills and team-spirit gained by pupils is wonderful to see. We enter many tournaments and festivals throughout the year at various sports grounds and schools throughout Wiltshire.  These include: football, hockey, tag rugby, netball, cricket, swimming galas, cross-country events, basketball orienteering, Quad Kids (athletics.) To ensure these events and activities are enjoyed by all the ‘Collaborative Schools Sporting Events and Team Games Code of Conduct’  has been adopted by our school, along with all other member schools within the cluster.

We welcome any parents who are qualified sports coaches, parents with an interest in sport and a current CRB check to support the children in their after school clubs or competitions. We do ask for parents to support with transport for their child to participate in some sporting events.

We aim to support children who lead aspects of P.E. for other children at playtimes.  For example, Dance Leaders, Sports Captains and Young Leaders.

Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual event that takes place in the Summer Term. Parents and Carers are invited and encouraged to cheer while watching the children during their activities and for the staff race at the end of the morning!

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children participate in a variety of activities led by staff and Year 6 children on a rotation basis. These range from bouncing on space-hoppers to carrying water in buckets, and from clambering under cargo nets to the traditional egg and spoon race! Children are grouped according to their house colour and compete within a small group.

In Key Stage Two children participate in similar activities, again led by staff, and then take part in specific races on the track, if they wish.  A favourite activitiy is the caterpillar track.

The Sports Day Cup is awarded to the winning house. Parents and carers are also invited to stay and join their child for a picnic lunch on the field.