We are very proud that one of the Deputy Headteachers at The Mead, Mr Rob Cunningham, has been selected to attend a three-day training course at the Houses of Parliament.

He will join 60 other teachers from across the UK, after 170 applied, to attend the Teachers’ Institute from Sunday to Tuesday, which in turn will mean he will become a UK Parliament teacher ambassador.

Mr Cunningham will have the opportunity to learn about how the House of Commons and Lords work, and hear from parliamentarians, and will come back to school to tell pupils and teachers about what he has been taught.

“I am very proud to be selected for this,” Mr Cunningham said. “This is a good way to get an understanding from a primary school perspective about how it all works and hopefully we can have a conversation about the curriculum, exams and not just about testing. It should be about making it exciting for pupils too. I can then come back and help inspire children to vote in the future and understand how all of this stuff works – I am extremely excited.”