The Friends of the Mead hosted another fabulous Community Day on Saturday 13th May. The free Community Day follows the school’s subject focus each year, and this year it was all about art. The theme of the day was ‘A Moment In Time’, and it featured a whole range of artistic activities for everyone in the community to attend and enjoy, from graffiti to circus skills, and singing to clay moulding.

The day also featured a series of interviews with children and adults, which were streamed live on our very own Facebook channel. You can still check out excerpts of these interviews on Facebook here.

A particular highlight amongst all of the wonderful activities was the poem-writing workshops. Mike Haines wrote a poem on the theme of time ahead of the day:

Moments in Time

What kind of times are these?

New times, interesting times, hard times

At times we wake in the shadow of great times

Ahead of your time or behind the times

Many a time, once upon a time,

A long time ago in ancient times.


And times there are: first times

Last times, dull times, dark times

Time and again, time after time

The time of your life

Exact and precise time

Time and place, time’s embrace.


All the time in the world

Time running out – elusive time

One time will be the last time –

Time out, half-time, time up

The triumph of time

Time’s deathbed: the end of time.

Mike then hosted a series of poetry workshops throughout the day, and created a beautiful community poem entitled ‘Moments, Wishes and Dreams‘ with the help of over 50 poets aged 4 – 70+.

Whilst all of that was happening, children from all of our schools were working with Boyd to create 4 beautiful graffiti boards:

The boards will be going to 4 separate schools for everyone to enjoy.

The Wiltshire Times has a wonderful write up of the day here. More photos and videos from the day will be uploaded on the One Moment In Time website soon, but in the meantime here are some of our highlights, including inside the fabulous Colourscape!