The Mead Academy Trust was founded in 2012 and now comprises three primary schools across four school sites.

The Mead Primary School in Hilperton was opened by our current CEO, Lyssy Bolton, in 2001. It has been particularly recognised for its work in English, Early Years and Inclusion. In its role as a National Support School, The Mead took on Wingfield as a failing school in 2009 and supported its rapid transformation to an outstanding provision by 2011. The Mead at Wingfield continues to be a wonderful small village school site, which reaps many benefits by operating as part of a larger organisation.

The Trust became an Academy Sponsor in 2014 and subsequently opened Castle Mead School, a new provision primary school with nursery in Trowbridge, and took on the running of River Mead School and nursery in Melksham.

Castle Mead School was a brand-new school built in 2014 to serve the growing population in the East of Trowbridge. The school was graded as ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2017 and continues to grow. We have worked closely with Wiltshire Local Authority to open a Complex Needs Resource Base for children on the school site.   

River Mead school was part of another Multi Academy Trust and transferred to our Trust in September 2014. The school had serious weaknesses when it joined us, but the school team there, in collaboration with our Trust staff, worked tirelessly to improve all aspects of provision and leadership. The school was graded ‘Good’ by Ofsted in January 2019.

Our schools are geographically close. This is an intentional approach to our Trust’s responsible growth, which ensures staff and children alike enjoy the opportunity to learn together and share facilities and resources. We pride ourselves on our balance of decisive collaboration and independence. We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our schools but believe together, we are stronger.We have a well-defined set of principles, values and committed to grow our Trust responsibly and sustainably for the benift of our whole Trust community. At the heart of our Trust is our belief in each and every child and our commitment to providing ‘Inspirational Learning for All’.