I would like to start by wishing you a warm welcome to The Mead Trust.

We are an organisation characterised by optimism, excellence and creativity. We have expectations of excellence in all that we do – seeking a ‘golden thread’ through each of the many aspects of our work.

Our Trust is currently comprised of three schools across four sites in Wiltshire. We are lucky to include nurseries and complex needs resource base provisions. All of our schools are graded as Good.

The Mead Trust develops through co-construction, with everyone empowered to shape the future and contribute towards the Trust’s success. We do this while embracing the distinctiveness of each school, believing that individuality is critical to supporting each school community effectively.  The Central Team, on behalf of its schools, is driven by integrity and keeps a close eye on the ‘value add’ that being part of The Mead Trust brings. We put kindness, curiosity and courage at the heart of Trust and school development. We hold children at the heart of every decision we make.

We are inclusive, passionate, and principled. Our schools share a vision, and have the Trust’s ‘Underpinning Principles’ as the touchstones for their work. Leaders are values driven, like-minded, and passionate about empowering children and adults to reach their personal best. All our schools strive to provide an exciting and engaging curriculum that includes memorable experiences, is sequenced in a logical and progressive way and is irresistible for children.

We are a forward thinking and outward looking team. Our ‘Trust offer’ supports talent management, career progression and school development. We have a strong track record of school support and improvement, within and beyond the Trust.

Leading schools is a fulfilling and enjoyable job, but it is easy to get caught up in the complexity of statutory and legal responsibilities. The Mead Trust supports schools by having sound operational systems and processes in place. Our schools benefit from this strong central infrastructure, in turn enabling leaders to have more space and time to focus on shaping ‘Inspirational Learning for All’ and driving school improvement.

We embrace collaboration where it adds value – sharing expertise, working with and on behalf of each other. Our schools work closely together and all staff are encouraged and supported to share best practice within a framework of decisive collaboration. We enable team planning to reduce workload and we identify colleagues with particular skills and interests across the Trust. These Trust Quality Champions lead aspects of our work, on behalf of all. We expect all members of our community to be kind, curious and courageous.

We recognise that strong governance across the Trust is fundamental to its success. We have an excellent group of Trustees in place with wide ranging skills and experience. The Trust board is ultimately accountable but can’t know everything, therefore each school has its own Academy Advisory Group, who provide the vital ‘local lens’ for their school.

So, what does the Mead Trust ‘way’ look like? This Welcome Pack illustrates the many ways we can add value to your school, building on individual successes and facilitating further opportunities for educational excellence. We work with you to provide the systems and people that will support your school to shine.

I am very proud to lead such a vibrant and aspirational group of schools and look forward to welcoming new staff and schools into our family.

Lyssy Bolton
CEO and National Leader of Education