The Curriculum: Enrichment opportunities

We invest in delivering enriching experiences, so that every child’s time at school with us gives them memories to take away and cherish for a lifetime.

These experiences form an essential part of our promise to pupils; to take them beyond the usual, to offer wider opportunities in life, and to inspire them to move forward and take charge of their own lifetime’s adventure.

Topics are shaped around key ‘enquiry questions’, which provides an overarching theme for learning across a term (this may be a short or long term, depending on the year group and the question being considered).

Children are also given opportunities to get ‘out and about’, and learn beyond their classroom. Our programme of Memorable Experiences is designed to support the learning of a particular topic or subject. Trips may include a walk to a local wood or town, travelling further afield to the coast or larger city, or simply looking at the environs of the school in a different way. Parents and carers have the opportunity to support these trips whenever possible. 

Our schools also focus on key Significant People each year, again linked to the enquiry question each term. These people represent a diverse range of backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives and encourage our children to think about their learning in a variety of contexts. 

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow

Anita Desai

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