At The Mead Academy Trust we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for physical activity in all children. We do this through:

  • A sense of fun
  • A well-structured, progressive and exciting P.E. curriculum
  • High quality P.E. teaching
  • Development of the ‘whole child’
  • Engagement in extra-curricular opportunities

We are proud that our P.E. curriculum supports the development of:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills – In EYFS we focus on these key physical skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching. Moving into Key Stage 2, children develop these further and then apply them to a range of sports
  • Learning about individual and team sports – It is important children know how to safely and effectively play a variety of sports through a good understanding of their rules and tactics
  • Social and personal skills We believe that P.E. and sport are a perfect vehicle to learn key skills that develop children’s social and person skills such as respect, teamwork, resilience and leadership
  • Health and fitness We know the importance of physical activity and its impact on children’s mental and physical health and so learning about our anatomy in relation to exercise is a key part of our curriculum

We aim to teach one lesson of skills based P.E. every week, as well as shorter daily sessions that ensure children are keeping active and having fun. P.E. is taught by a combination of class teachers, P.E. specialists, and qualified sports coaches.

Sports Day is an annual event that usually takes place in the Summer Term. Children participate in a variety of fun activities including the egg and spoon, sack race and javelin as well as running races. Children are grouped in houses and the winning house is awarded the House Cup. Parents and carers are invited to watch the children and share a picnic lunch on the field.

Each school has an active student body Sports Council who works with the P.E. leads to develop P.E. and sport in their school. These children take a lead role in organising fixtures and activities for other children at playtimes.

Inclusive P.E.

Every child has an entitlement to succeed and enjoy P.E. We provide opportunities for every child to be challenged and to experience success by insuring that every lesson is inclusive for every child. If appropriate, specialised equipment will be provided.

Facilities & Resources

We have all the necessary resources to teach a wide range of sports and activities including climbing apparatus and gymnastic equipment. Each school site has a hall and playground with adjoining fields for teaching P.E.


Swimming is an essential life skill and part of the National Curriculum which states that all children should be able to swim 25 metres before they leave primary school. Therefore, children in Key Stage 2 who cannot swim will be required to attend swimming lessons at the local pool.


Staff run a variety of sporting clubs after school. These range from football to netball, hockey to rugby, cycling to gymnastics. These are liable to change termly due to children’s interests and the diary for inter-school competitions.

We are extremely proud that sporting competition is valued in our Trust. The pleasure, skills and team-spirit gained by children who represent their school is incredible and we aim that every child will experience it during their school life.

We take part in tournaments and festivals within each school, between schools in the Trust, within Trowbridge, Melksham and across Wiltshire. These include but are not limited to: football, hockey, tag rugby, netball, gymnastics, cricket, swimming galas, cross-country, orienteering.

To ensure these events and activities are enjoyed by all the ‘Collaborative Schools Sporting Events and Team Games Code of Conduct’ has been adopted by all schools in our Trust.