Religious Education

We are respectful and inclusive of the religious beliefs and values of all children in our school communities. We encourage an atmosphere in which the cultural and religious traditions of our children can be shared, valued and celebrated. We support our children in observing their own religious customs at school and make necessary adaptations to the timetable to create such opportunities.

Our RE teaching is based on the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus and is a balance between the study of the beliefs and practices of the Christian faiths and other religions (particularly Islam and Judaism). Though our schools are not church schools, we do maintain links with local churches.

Our RE teaching aims to:

  • Be imaginative, engaging, creative, challenging and relevant
  • Create an open-hearted, open minded ethos in classrooms
  • Make a special contribution to pupils’ skills in language, self-expression, co-operation and understanding
  • Enable children to develop attitudes of confidence and thoughtfulness about their own beliefs, and understanding and respect towards others