The Mead Trust is inclusive, passionate and principled. Our vision enables individual schools to flourish, and retain and celebrate their unique identity and sense of community. Our schools work within an ethos of mutual respect, honesty and humility in which cross-Trust support and decisive collaboration are key. 

We are committed to growing our family of schools in a responsible and sustainable way. We offer all schools in our Trust:

  • Highly effective Executive Leaders and Trust Quality Champions to support strategies for school improvement and school effectiveness 
  • High quality professional development for all staff  
  • Opportunities for career progression and development across the Trust 
  • Membership of a range of Trust-wide network groups, for Headteachers, Subject Leads, planning, and governance (including a Chairs group)
  • A highly effective and experienced Board of Trustees  
  • Highly efficient and effective central support services, which enable senior leaders to focus on teaching and learning

Joining a Trust is a significant and important step. We are keen to work with schools who share our values and are committed to ‘Inspirational Learning for All’. 

The government published a research report in November 2021, titled ‘Schools’ views on the perceived benefits and obstacles to joining a multiacademy trust‘. 82% of recent primary school converters reported that the overall impact of joining a MAT had been positive, citing in particular:

  • Benefits of better strategic planning and direction
  • More opportunities to staff for professional development
  • Access to better centrally provided services
  • Benefits from cost savings and efficiencies
  • Strengthened governance and leadership

For an informal discussion about joining our Trust please contact us via email.

Click on the image above to download our information pack and found out more about being a school within our Trust.

If you would like to receive a hard copy to share with others, please contact us and we will be happy to send one to you. The resources below might also be helpful when considering whether to join a Trust. 

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