Staff Portal: Year Group Teams 2021-22

(L) denotes Year Group Lead
* indicates Part Time work pattern. See bottom of page for hours worked

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Nurtured Learning
Wednesday PM
Wednesday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
Thursday PM
Improvement Champion
Jayne Ogborne
Emma Holton
Kate Miller, Kate Seviour
Becs Millard
Louise Harrison
Leanne Cunningham
Mark Stenton
River Mead
Lisa Penfold
Clare Pike
Lydia Tanner
Leala Purdie
Emma Holton (L), Jess Nurdin*
Kate Miller (L), Emma Holton
Kim Veitch
Fran Udakis
Chelcie Woods
Lucy Sones*
Castle Mead
Emma Attree
Gaby Simons*, Rachel Brotherton*
Susie Mills
Caitlin Wyse (L)*
Polly Marsh
Caitlin Wyse (L)*, Steve Savage
Sophie Gower (L)*, Philly Gray
Tia Thompson (L), Tommy Davies
Heather Gilbert (L), Hollie Wiltshire
Fay Perdicchia (L), Liz Feierabend*
Emily Young
Megan Young
The Mead (Hilperton)
Jayne Ogborne
Kate Seviour
Theo Gaines (L)*, Cassie Robbins*, Lucie O'Leary*, Nicky Ellis
Gill Herrin (L), Hannah Johnstone
Kate Seviour (L), Rachel Heard
Nikita Bartlett (L), Alice Harvey
Seraphina Studd, Zoe David
Johnny Webb (L), Pam Fisher
Sophie Howe (L), Emma Baber
The Mead (Wingfield)
Laura Maynard
Theo Gaines (L)*, Emma Stacey
Emma Stacey
Emma Stacey
Nicola Demski*, Alice Perry*
Nicola Demski (L)*, Alice Perry*
Jon Hackett
Jon Hackett

 Part Time working patterns 2021-22

Castle Mead Part Time Staff
Rachel Brotherton
Liz Feierabend
Sophie Gower
Gaby Simons
Caitlin Wyse
Hours Worked
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (AM only)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Monday, Tuesday (AM Only), Wednesday (AM Only)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (AM Only)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
River Mead Part Time Staff
Jess Nurdin
Lucy Sones
Hours Worked
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
The Mead Part Time Staff
Nicola Demski
Theo Gaines
Lucie O'Leary
Alice Perry
Cassie Robbins
Hours Worked
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday