Leadership development

Within our Trust

Leadership within our Trust is inclusive, principled, passionate and proactive. All leaders in every part of our team, whether that is teaching and learning, business, or housekeeping, have a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives and outcomes for all children. They believe in the potential of each child, and strive to remove barriers to achievement, in an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. 

Leaders strive to create a climate of openness and trust, where staff feel confident to share knowledge, seek support, challenge each other and engage in professional debate. Leaders recognise the value of individual expertise and specialist knowledge, supporting them to take the lead on relevant activities, projects and strategic developments. Successes and achievements are celebrated, developing a climate of recognition and reward. Leaders recognise success is a result of team effort, not personal achievement. 

We recognise and nurture talent. In order to grow the leaders of the future, we provide a range of training and development opportunities aimed at leadership and career development for schools within and beyond the Trust. We actively succession plan and encourage our staff to aspire to leadership within the context of their roles from Day One.

We are proud of our history of successful career progression and talent management, supporting our staff to achieve roles that most effectively utilise their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Beyond our Trust

As an outward facing Trust we are keen to support the development of staff beyond our Trust.  Some of the key activities we undertake are: 

  • Supporting our Senior Leaders to facilitate Learning Communities on behalf of our local alliance of schools
  • Members of our Executive Leadership Team offer coaching and mentoring to new Heads/CEOs, and support the facilitation of the Early Career Framework and new NPQs Programme
  • Facilitation of a wide range of training and development opportunities for school leaders and staff


    When a member of staff expresses an interest or demonstrates aptitude in another discipline, we back them. 14 members of our current team have moved from one business area to another

    upwards …

    A whopping 32% of our current teaching staff joined us as a Graduate Teacher, and completed their Initial Teacher Training with us, before becoming a member of our paid staff team

    .. and beyond

    We know all good things must come to an end so we support our staff when they seek roles beyond our schools. We proudly boast alumni who now lead and support schools across the country