Design and Technology

Our Design and Technology curriculum enables children to plan, design and create products that are imaginative, innovative and creative through the use of a wide range of materials and components e.g. wood, plastics, mechanical mechanisms, textiles, ICT, etc.

The children are taught to use technical language to reflect on and evaluate their products. They make relevant and real life connections to develop their knowledge and understanding. They are encouraged to identify what is working well and what can be improved on and how, taking into account the purpose of the product both environmentally and culturally.

In KS2, children will build on their existing knowledge to investigate the use of new materials and components to improve products and design criteria. They will be able to articulate and justify their choices through research using technical language and dialogue.

Food technology

Our grounds provide us with the facility to grow a range of vegetables and fruits which enables the children to experience the cycle of planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and eating food products linked to seasonality.

They will explore where food comes from and understand that food has to be grown, caught, farmed or processed locally and in the wider world.

We have the facilities for children to prepare and cook food whilst developing a competence in the use of equipment as well as an understanding of the importance of hygiene and safety.