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Christmas 2023

Update from Lyssy

CEO, The Mead Trust

Booking CPD

Hopefully you have seen the posters in your staff rooms about how you can book on to CPD. If not, click on the image on the left to see a larger version of the process. 

The Central Team can help you get booked on to the training you want to attend and using the proper process means: 

  1. If your training has a cost, it can be paid from the right budget
  2. The date and time of your training will be entered in to your school calendar, which supports your leadership team in planning cover 
  3. The training you attend is entered on to the training matrix, so that we have a record of what you have done, and can support your school to make sure they have the right people trained in the right areas 
  4. We can keep track of when your training is due to expire (if it’s compliance training), and remind you that it needs to be done again before it runs out 

Don’t forget that you also have access to a National College account, which gives you free access to thousands of courses and webinars on demand. If you need some help accessing your account, please contact Jenny ( and she can help you! If you complete a course on the National College, send your certificate to Jenny and she can enter it on to the training matrix for you. 

Governance Updates

Resources Committee roundup

Update from Bob

Standards & Effectiveness Group bulletin

Update from Anne

‘Happy holidays’ from all on the Board of Trustees

Update from Anne

Anne Millin

Chair of Trustees, The Mead Trust

Academy Advisor vacancies

Do you know someone who would like to make a difference to our children, but doesn’t have the time to commit to a full time role? We are looking for Academy Advisors to join our Governance Community and we would love to hear from you if there is someone you could recommend. Please get in touch with Kerry ( if you have a name to put forward.

Underpinning Principles

As you know, our Underpinning Principles act as touchstones for the work of everybody in the Trust, detailing the professional values and expectations we hold.

This time of year is exciting for many children, but for others it may be overwhelming or challenging. It’s a reallt good opportunity to reflect on how we value children and childhood, and particularly how Family Involvement is such a crucial part of that:

Children’s individual family circumstances are valued. Warm, caring, empathic, respectful and contextually relevant reciprocal relationships are built with families. Family engagement is encouraged and valued through a range of activities including parent forums, volunteering, celebration events and assemblies. Ways in which to develop closer more wide ranging and productive relationships for the benefit of the children are continuously considered and explored.

You can read all of our principles, and how they influence what we do, on the Trust website.

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New Starters

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Updates on maternity leavers / returners, other things to celebrate, people moving into new roles within the Trust…

Staff wellbeing survey

Thank you to all of you who submitted responses to the staff wellbeing survey. There were many things to celebrate in all our schools, but also some clear areas where improvements can be made. The results of the surveys were shared with Headteachers the week after the survey closed. Heads have carefully considered these and will work with you all to explore next steps in relation to areas for improvement.

In Term 3 we will be sending our Annual Staff Opinion Survey which will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about all areas of your school community.  Please do spend a few minutes completing this to ensure we hear from as many people as possible.