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Home Learning

Home Learning at The Mead Schools

We encourage you to explore learning outside of school. There are some amazing resources that you can share with your child/children to extend their wider subject knowledge and for fun.

Please find below lots of home learning resources to enjoy together as well as ways to ensure you remain safe online.

Click on the links below to redirect you to the subject resources.


We have checked the websites on this page and we do recommend them.

Before you access the home learning websites we would like to share some websites to support parents and children being safe while online.

Please take time to access these 3 different links (to the right) to raise awareness of internet safety, before proceeding to the home learning links in the grey boxes below.

Home Learning Resources


If your child is inspired by Art as a subject here are some websites you might want to explore:




Touch-typing.  If you would like to develop your child’s touch typing skills then please use the following websites.




The National Literacy Trust has a great website with milestones, fun stuff, books and great activity sheets for different age groups. A super website to explore!


Story museum is another great website to support your child with reading and enjoying books. There are story activities for age groups which then have further links to other websites for stories. There is also a section on the story museum website where you can choose from a story genre to share with your child.


Here are some more websites to engage children with reading:

Here are a few websites to use to engage your child with poetry:


If you would like to work with your child on mapping skills, this ordnance survey webpage is good, although probably more suitable for KS2 children:


There are good links to quizzes on this website too!


Local History
If you would like to help your child find out more about local history then these are good websites to use:
If you would like to help your child find out more about British history then these are good websites to use:
World History
If you would like to help your child find out more about World history then these are good websites to use:
Finally, for those of you who have children who like Horrible History books we’re sure they will enjoy this web link:


The following Mathematics websites are free to access and offer lots of online games and resources to support your child’s learning at home.






Parent Guides

If you would like to update your experience of maths skills then we have compiled guides to help you for any primary age child. We have also made a collection of Bare Necessity games which we use in school that are perfect for you to use at home too.

Key Stage 1 Bare Necessities games

Key Stage 2 Bare Necessities games

Modern Foreign Languages

If you would like to help your child learn to speak in different languages then this is a good website to use



If you would like to remind your child of Sing Up songs words or learn some new ones then please use the following web link:



If you would like to support your child with a healthy physical lifestyle these websites may be good for you to use:








RE Art If you would like to look at galleries of children’s art and poems created in response to their learning in Religious Education please go to this website:


Beliefs and Ideas The following website gives you the opportunity to listen to children and young people talking about their beliefs and ideas about life’s ultimate questions. It also gives children an opportunity to record their own views and allows them to explore what other people of their own age think about different topics.