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The Government confirms legislation regarding children and young people with SEND. Wiltshire, as a Pathfinder Local Authority, also reviews its processes and provision in light of Government legislation.

Our current SEN policy can be found on our Policies page.

There was a revised SEN Code of Practice (DfE, April 2014) which came into practice from September 2014, with the main aim of developing better partnerships between children, parents/carers, educational settings, health and social care.

The revision also required schools to publish information on their websites about the implementation of the governing bodies or the proprietor’s policy for pupils with SEN.

Our Inclusion Team

Mrs Kirsty Jamieson
Head of Inclusion for The Mead Academy Trust

Mrs Jennie Jones
Inclusion Lead at The Mead Primary School

Mrs Leala Purdie
Inclusion Lead at River Mead School

Mrs Polly Marsh
Inclusion Lead at Castle Mead School

SEND Information Reports

Each of our schools produces their own SEND Information Reports:

Castle Mead School SEND Information Report

The Mead Primary School SEND Information Report

River Mead School SEND Information Report

The Thrive Approach

If children have been emotionally knocked off track, either briefly or for long periods, Thrive helps professionals, parents and carers understand the needs being signalled by the children’s behaviour and gives targeted strategies and activities to help them to re-connect.

The Thrive Approach draws on the understandings within these fields to provide a distinct way of working with children that supports their key social and emotional development. In particular, the Approach prepares professionals to work with children and their parents and carers, in targeted ways, who have struggled with difficult life experiences. This helps children to re-engage with life and learning in order to develop confident, happy and creative children with healthy, curious minds.

The Mead Academy Trust has implemented Thrive into all of our settings.