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Our school day

In order to maintain social distancing and limit large gatherings on and near our school sites, when our schools are open to all children the start and finish times for each year group are staggered. If you are not sure what time your child will start or finish school, contact your school office directly.

Getting to School

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option! There are lots of benefits: it’s healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road users, and it respects the nearby residents and parking regulations. Our schools have bike racks and scooter parks. (Please ensure that your child dismounts as they enter the school gate and do not mount until they have left the school grounds.)

Remember that under current Government guidelines, you should not walk with more than one member of another household, and must keep two metres away from anyone else using the pavements.


All year groups have a 20 minute break in the morning, the timing of which depends on their start and finish time for the day. All children are encouraged to play outside, with numerous activities and toys available to them. We ask that all children have a coat and wellies in school during the winter months, and sun cream and hats in the summer, so that they can take advantage of our schools’ outside spaces throughout the year.

Reception class children have break times which are flexible and responsive to the children’s needs.

Younger children also enjoy an afternoon playtime.


When our schools are open to all children, lunchtimes are scheduled as follows:

12.00 noon – Children in Reception have their lunch and their break ends at 1.00pm

12.30pm – Children in three year groups have their lunch

1.00pm – Children in the alternate three year groups have their lunch

1.30pm – Lunchtime ends

During times when our schools are only open to vulnerable and keyworker children, lunchtimes may vary, in order to best keep our children and staff safe.

Drop Off and Collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, parent / carers are not currently allowed on to the school playground. You will need to queue up at the appropriate gate, in a 10 minute designated window, and your child will be welcomed in to school at the gate by a member of the school staff. Similarly, at the end of the day parents are asked to queue two metres apart at the correct gate. If you are not sure where to drop off or collect your child, please contact your school office.

Parents / carers are required to wear a mask or facial covering at all times when they are on the school site (unless exempt).

Reviewed February 2021