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Absence and Illness

Absence and Illness

If your child is unwell and not able to attend school, please telephone the school to inform us as early as possible.

The telephone numbers are:

The Mead – 01225 759273
River Mead – 01225 703428
Castle Mead – 01225 768641

Please do not send your child to school if he or she is unwell. In particular children must not attend school if they have a temperature or for 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.

In the case of prolonged absence it is our policy that you should ring the school everyday that your child is unable to come to school. The Education Welfare Officer is primarily responsible for school attendance and liaison with social services.


Reducing the spread of infectious illnesses within School

Unfortunately it is very easy for any illness to spread within a school environment and, therefore, we would like to request your assistance in trying to reduce the infection risk by following the School Guidance detailed below:-

Diarrhoea and/or vomiting

If your child suffers from diarrhoea and/or vomiting, please keep him/her away from school for a 48 hour period after the final episode of diarrhoea/vomiting. The viruses that cause gastrointestinal symptoms can remain infectious for up to 48 hours after the symptoms have resolved and, therefore, cross-infection remains a risk factor.

Fevers and ‘Flu-like’ symptoms

If your child has a fever or ‘flu-like’ symptoms they must remain off school until they have had a normal temperature for 24 hours. The viruses that cause fever and flu-like symptoms can remain infectious for up to 24 hours after the symptoms have resolved and, therefore, cross-infection remains a risk factor.


If your child is diagnosed as suffering from influenza they must remain off school until all symptoms have resolved.

Hand hygiene

In order to reduce the risk of cross-infection, we encourage all the children to use good hand hygiene practices within School. They are requested to wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible or use the disinfectant hand gel dispensers situated around School. Please can you support us by encouraging your child to use the school facilities regularly and appropriately, particularly if they have a cough or cold.



Please be aware that we do not authorise absence during term time except in truly exceptional circumstances.

Please click below to read the Penalty notice for holidays taken during term time.

An Application for Leave form can also be found below.

Leave of Absence Request Form

Penalty Notice for Parents



If your child becomes ill at school, we will use the phone numbers you have given us to contact someone who can take your child home.

In cases of serious illness or accident we will act in loco-parentis to seek urgent medical aid and will contact you as soon as possible.

Parents should keep the school informed of changes to their telephone number and emergency contacts.


Children must not carry medicines with them apart from inhalers for Key Stage 2 pupils, (which should be clearly named). Inhalers for children in Key Stage 1 are looked after by the class teacher.

If a child needs to take medicine during the day, you are welcome to come into school and administer it.

Under guidelines laid down by Wiltshire County Council we are not allowed to administer medication without written permission from you. We do not administer medicines that are prescribed for 3 times a day as it is expected that this can be administered at home before school, after school and at bedtime. We are ONLY able to adminster medicines prescribed on a 4 times a day basis. An adult should take the medicine to the office and fill in a Medication Consent Form.

Download a Medication Consent Form.

A member of staff will then be able to administer the medication (please note this is undertaken on a good will basis by staff).

The medicine will be stored in the office and should be collected by an adult at the end of the day. We are not able to adminster analgesics (asprin, calpol etc.) unless prescribed by your GP.  First Aid Certificates are held by several members of staff who are able to administer basic medical treatment. Nominated staff also administer emergency asthma, seizure and allergy treatment.

School Nurse

Kirsty Walton is our School Nurse.

She can be contacted on 01249 711431 at Trowbridge Hospital, Adcroft Street.

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